Western Decorations

If you want to decorate your home with a western flair, there are western decorations of all descriptions that are readily available. As you can probably guess, "decoration" is a rather broad, all-encompassing term. For some people, a decoration is another name for an accessory or accent, while others describe decorations as knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, or curios.

No matter how you personally define western decorations, we'll take a look at several different kinds. Some items might depict cowboys and/or cowgirls. Often, the cowboys/cowgirls are portrayed in a setting that involves ranching or rodeo activities. Other western-themed items might have a design that represents one of the various landscapes of the west, such as mountains, desert cactus, or red rock canyons.

Horseshoe Candy Dish Cowboy Wine Glass Holder Rope Design Coaster Set
Candy Dish
Wine Glass Holder
Rope Design
Coaster Set

Western decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Some items have a practical purpose, while other items are simply for show or to help set the mood. There are candleholders, key holders, wastebaskets, planters, mirrors, and picture frames available in several western styles. Western style wine racks, wine glass holders, coasters, candy dishes and snack trays are a few more items that can add to the overall theme. You can also find plenty of art and decorative pieces that will enhance the western look and feel.

3-D Horse Metal Wall Art Mutual Affection Sculpture
3-D Horse Metal Wall Art
Mutual Affection Sculpture

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Back In The Saddle
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Rocky Mountain Run Metal Wall Art Horses on Slate Tabletop Fountain
Rocky Mountain Run
Metal Wall Art
Horses on Slate
Tabletop Fountain

In many rooms, the walls are painted a neutral color and the main pieces of furniture will often fit in with more than one specific style of decorating. Just as with a meal of chicken or beef where the real flavor comes from a certain blend of spices, herbs, and garnishes, the real character and ambiance of a room comes from the accessories and accents.

Horseshoe Shelf Brackets
Horseshoe Shelf Brackets

Western decorations, or any style of décor for that matter, allow you to personalize the room by decorating it in a way that expresses your personality and/or your love for a certain type of animal (horse, dog, cat, or wildlife).

Oval Rope Frame Cowgirl Tissue Box Rope Wall Clock
Oval Rope Frame
Cowgirl Tissue Box
Rope Wall Clock

Although we have included plenty of pictures on this page, they still represent only a small sample of the different kinds of western decorations that you can find.

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    Star Candle Holder
    Star Candle Holder

    Whether your idea of western decorations includes cowboys, cowgirls, and horses - or if you just prefer a casual style of décor, you'll certainly have plenty of items to choose from. You can add a few pieces here and there, or do the entire room in a western theme. Either way, you can add just the right touch to any room. Best of all, there's almost no limit to what you can do; no matter if your budget is wild or mild!

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