Rustic Cabinet Hardware

An overlooked area of home decorating is hardware. Yes, hardware. Rustic cabinet hardware is the type we want to focus on, but first, let's clarify what we mean by hardware; it includes door knobs/handles, hinges, switch plates, as well as knobs and pulls for drawers and cabinets. Sometimes, hardware gets little or no consideration in a home decorating plan. That's too bad because quite often it's the little things that really give a room the desired ambiance.

Rustic cabinet hardware, for example, can provide your cabin, lodge, or rustic-themed room with a finishing touch. Sure, you can have a rustic lamp, a wildlife rug, and other types or rustic style décor, but rustic knobs and pulls on your cabinets can make a remarkable difference. Best of all, you can get a wide variety of rustic style hardware at prices to fit even the smallest of budgets.

Bear Tracks Cabinet Pull Solid Bronze Goose Knob Triple Acorns Knob
Bear Tracks
Cabinet Pull
(4-1/8" by 7/8")
Solid Bronze
Goose Knob
(1-1/2" by 1-1/2")
3 Acorns Knob
(1-5/8" by 1-3/4")

Which styles are YOUR favorites?

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There are knobs and pulls for cabinets that are made from a variety of materials, such as carved wood, faux antlers, bronze, and ceramic material. We have even seen drawer pulls made out of twigs and small knobs made out of a geode. A geode is a hollow nodule formed in a sedimentary rock that has been cut open to expose the crystal-lined walls inside. We have seen various geodes ranging from golf ball size (half of which is just right for a knob after being cut and polished) up to about the size of a basketball.

Trout Cabinet Knob Canoe Cabinet Pull Pair of Pinecone Drawer Pulls
Trout Cabinet Knob
(2-1/2" by 2")
Canoe Cabinet Pull
(5-3/8" by 1-1/2")
Pair of Pinecone
Drawer Pulls
(1" by 2")

Some of the designs on rustic cabinet hardware include wildlife (elk, deer, moose, and bear), fish (trout and bass), fowl (ducks and geese), acorns, pine trees, pinecones, and so forth. We have included some pictures on this page to show a sampling of the rustic style hardware that's available.

Faux Antler Cabinet Pull Pine Trees Knob
Faux Antler
Cabinet Pull
(4-1/8" by 3-1/4")
Pine Trees Knob
(1-1/8" by 1-5/16")

Not only do various types of décor let you decorate your home in a favorite style or help to create a theme, but they also allow you to convey your personality and/or personal interests. And, certain types of décor, such as the rustic style, provide you with the opportunity to express your love of nature or wildlife.

Faux Antler Cabinet Knob Solid Bronze Moose Knob
Black Bear
Drawer Pull
Faux Antler
Cabinet Knob
(1-1/2" by 1-1/2")
Solid Bronze
Moose Knob
(1-1/2" by 1-1/2")

We really can't emphasize enough about how much of a difference the little touches can make when they're included as part of the overall look and feel of a room, or even the entire house. What about your home - do you have some cabinets that are begging for your preferred style of rustic cabinet hardware?

We invite you to look around... your leisure.

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