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There are plenty of reasons why western home décor has enjoyed a popularity surge in recent years. Part of it is due to more exposure in decorating magazines as well as the design and decorating shows on TV. But, more than anything, the growing popularity has to do with the wide appeal of this style’s furnishings and decorations.

You can find many different ways to use western home décor in your home, whether you use a few pieces here and there or go all out with the western theme. Either way, using western touches can help your home look warm and welcoming. A great benefit of the increased popularity is that the variety and availability of décor items has also increased.

What should you expect to see when looking for western home décor?
You might be amazed by all that's available with a western flair:

  • Sofas, Chairs, Ottomans, Benches, Bar Stools, Rugs
  • Lamps, Lampshades, Antler Chandeliers, Switch Plates
  • Coffee/End Tables, Dining Tables, Wine Racks, Dinnerware
  • Beds, Bedding, Comforters, Nightstands, Quilt Racks
  • Knobs, Drawer Pulls, Shelves, Towel Rings, Tissue Holders
  • Artwork, Pictures, Pottery, Frames, Metal Art, Wall Art

You’ll be glad to know that most of our pages have pictures that provide great examples for that page’s main topic.

Western Decor Living RoomIt’s easy to integrate western home décor into any room in your home, because you can get anything you want in a western design or style.

Western Style Furniture SettingHere are two good examples of living rooms with western style furniture and room décor.

Home decorating styles in Horse, Cowboy and Western Decor themes for your kitchen, bedroom, dining or living room areas.

Some people mistakenly believe that western home décor means that it has wildlife or farm animals plastered all over it. No need to fret - if your idea of décor revolves around items that don't depict animals, then you can find an abundance of things that fit that desire for your western home décor. Wood furniture, warm colors, items inspired by nature, as well as Native American prints and pottery are just a few of the things that can add that warm, western touch without any animals coming into play. And, if you do want furnishings and accessories that portray wildlife or farm animals, you’ll certainly have plenty of décor items to choose from.

Western Style Bedroom
Western Style Bedroom

Adding a touch of western décor to your home can be done via many different colors and color combinations. From deep dark reds and hearty browns to the more subtle tans and creams to the bright oranges and yellows, you’ll be able to find something that matches or complements the other elements of your room. Often, the details on the western items are what set them apart from other furnishings or accessories.

Faux Antler Table with Pine Top
Faux Antler Table with Pine Top

Western home décor is a distinct decorating style, but it’s just one of several styles that share some common elements and overlap each other. The related decorating styles include southwestern, lodge, rustic, cowboy, and country. One of the nice things about these decorating styles is that they’re comfortable and casual. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home feel warm and inviting, adding some touches of western home décor, or a related style, is a great way to do just that.

Wagon Wheel Bench

We’ll look at each of those decorating styles on this website, but the emphasis will be on the western and rustic styles.

Whether you want to decorate an entire home or just add a few pieces here and there, you're sure to find plenty of things to love in western style décor. Best of all, you’ll have lots of choices at prices to fit almost any budget.
                 Wagon Wheel Bench

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Southwestern décor has the unique advantage of being warm and comfortable, as well as chic.
Western Furniture
Western furniture has a great look and feel, as well as down-home simplicity and charm.
Western Bedding
Western bedding goes beyond cozy and comfy by adding visual interest as well as enhancing the ambiance of your bedroom.
Bathroom Decor Ideas
Every room provides an opportunity that lets you express your interests and these bathroom decor ideas will help you do just that in your bathroom.
Western Lighting
See great examples of how Western lighting combines the usefulness of a light source with the appeal of western or rustic decorating.
Rustic Dining Room Furniture
Rustic dining room furniture is just right for your dining area if you like the western, rustic, country, or lodge styles of decorating.
Western Decorations
Some western decorations have a practical purpose, while other items are simply for show or to help set the mood.
Wildlife Drawings and Paintings
Artwork, such as wildlife drawings or paintings, is more than a great decorating idea – it makes a statement and helps set the mood of your room.
Rustic Cabinet Hardware
An overlooked area of home decorating is hardware - Yes, hardware; and we have plenty of pictures to show why rustic cabinet hardware is our favorite kind.
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The “about us” page gives you a chance to meet your hosts and get to know them a little bit better.
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