Western Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any room. Western lighting is a great way to combine the function of a needed light source with the beauty of western or rustic decorating. Lighting, as part of the overall theme of a room, is often overlooked. When the lamps and light fixtures match or complement other elements of a room, it adds a decorative touch that can't be beat!

With common materials such as antlers, small logs, wrought iron, or metal art silhouettes on western lighting, you get fun and functional all in one package. Because of the increasing popularity of the western and rustic styles of decorating, the lamps and fixtures that fit right in with that type of décor have also become much more popular. And, that's good for you, because it means a wider variety and ready availability for most of it.

Horseshoe and Star Lamp Horse Theme Table Lamp
Horseshoe and Star Lamp
Horse Theme Table Lamp

Antlers used on western lighting can be real or faux, and the antlers from moose are different than those from deer and elk. Sometimes, the tip of an antler is used as a finial on a lamp (the part that screws on to hold the shade in place). By the way, real antlers are harvested (picked up off the ground) after the animal has naturally shed them. So, the health or well-being of the animal is not at risk.

LED light bulbs

Cowboy Desk Lamp
Cowboy Desk Lamp

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Metal art on lamps or chandeliers certainly fits your western, southwestern, lodge, or rustic theme while decoratively adding a silhouette of an animal or a scenic display. At first, when some people hear the word metal, they think of a cold, impersonal object. But metal art is not like that at all - it is warm, attractive, and loaded with down-home appeal. Western lighting with scenes of cowboys, deer, moose, pine trees, or similarly depicted items really help set the tone for a room decorated in the western or rustic style.

Western Chandelier for Pool Table Horse and Colt Wall Sconce
Western Chandelier for Pool Table
Horse and Colt Wall Sconce

You don't need to spend a fortune on your favorite style of décor. The small to mid-size décor items, such as lamps, table decorations, toss pillows, wall art, and accent rugs are what really add the flavor to a room. Also find deals and variety of Kichler lighting at Kichler Superstore and other online retailers. Many people like to get a neutral color sofa and chairs, something that will blend with several different styles of decorating, and then add the accents and accessories to really define the overall theme of a room.

Western Lamp with Faux Leather Tooling Romantic Riders Switch Cover
Western Lamp with
Faux Leather Tooling
Romantic Riders Switch Cover

Since a room needs some sort of lighting anyway, why not go with something that will enhance the look and feel of the room, such as western lighting. Fun and decorative with lots of visual appeal - what's not to love?

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