Rustic Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to helping your guests feel warm and welcome, rustic outdoor lighting can convey that sort of feeling even before your visitors step inside your home. Lighting the outside of your home at night, especially the porch, driveway and walk areas, is a good idea for reasons of safety and security. When you do that in a style that matches or complements the décor on the inside of your home, you've successfully taken care of the major aspects of the situation.

Rustic outdoor lighting, along with other western and rustic styled items for home and garden, has experienced remarkable growth in popularity during recent years. More and more people are becoming aware of the appeal and down-home charm of accessories and accents in the western and rustic styles. Much of this increased awareness comes from the exposure of these decorating styles on the home decorating and remodeling shows on television, as well as articles/pictures in the home and garden magazines.

Pinecone Outdoor Sconce
Pinecone Outdoor Sconce

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Many people have their own special reasons for being attracted to lights with a rustic style. For some, it might be a reminder of time spent at a grandparent's farmhouse, while others might recall a memorable visit to a lodge at a National Park or their favorite camping trip.

Bear and Tree on Outdoor Light Indoor-Outdoor Moose Sconce
Bear and Tree
on Outdoor Light
Moose Sconce

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The designs and depictions on rustic outdoor lighting fixtures often feature nature and/or wildlife, including pine trees, pinecones, elk, deer, moose, bear, ducks, or geese. If you prefer more of a plain design, there are plenty of lights with a bronze or even a rust-effect finish that will certainly fit into the rustic category. We have included some pictures to show a small sampling of the different styles of rustic outdoor lighting that are available for you to choose from.

Pinecone Design Indoor-Outdoor Light
Pinecone Design
Indoor-Outdoor Light

Many of the rustic style lighting fixtures are sturdy and weather-resistant as well as attractive, which means they can be used wherever you prefer, indoors or outdoors. As you can probably guess, it's in your best interest to make sure the lighting is deliberately designed for outdoor use before installing it there.

Whatever your reason for liking rustic outdoor lighting, you can be assured of a wide variety of appealing designs that can add a warm and welcoming feeling to your home.

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