Southwest Lighting

The soft feel of the warm yellow light from a well-chosen piece of southwest lighting might be the finishing touch that your room needs. A room requires a light source anyway and since the southwestern style of décor is one that's growing in popularity, it's certainly worthy of your consideration.

The design and color of southwest lighting fixtures can be inspired by many things, including red rock cliffs, sunsets over the desert, cowboys and cattle drives, arts and crafts from the Native Americans of that region, as well as the wildlife.

Mesa Tiffany Style Inverted Pendant Light Southwest Collage Metal Art Floor Lamp Southwest Style Table Lamp
Mesa Tiffany Style
Pendant Light
Southwest Collage
Metal Art
Floor Lamp
Southwest Style
Table Lamp

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Southwestern lighting comes in a variety of shapes and types of fixtures, from table lamps and floor lamps to chandeliers and pendant lights. Whatever type of lighting source you prefer, it can be found in a southwest style. So, whether you want the lighting to help set the mood in a room or you want a light that provides plenty of light for reading, you'll have lots to choose from.

Southwest Style Lantern Light
Southwest Style Lantern Light

Even when we might not realize it, we usually pick the décor items for our rooms because it fits a theme that reminds us of a favorite place or event, or because it's a form of expression to let others know about our interests.

2 Tier Mission Style Chandelier
2 Tier Mission Style Chandelier

Often, accessories and accents are what define the real flavor of a room. Items such as lamps and light fixtures, accent tables, rugs, toss pillows, and table decorations help to identify or create the overall theme. This is especially true when the larger pieces of furniture are sort of neutral in character and might fit in with several different decorating styles.

Hand-Painted Southwest Lamp
Southwest Lamp

If you have (or want to have) a western or southwestern look in your home, southwest lighting will fit right in. It doesn't matter if you just have a few pieces of western or southwestern décor or if your whole house in decorated in such a style, southwest lighting adds a decorative touch as well as visual appeal to an element of the room that you need anyway.

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