Rustic Lamp Shades

Whichever decorating style you prefer, accessories are important. Rustic lamp shades, for example, add to the overall look and feel of a room decorated in the western, lodge, or rustic style. Accessories and accents, such as lamps and shades, toss pillows, throw rugs or accent rugs, and table decorations are what really provide the flavor for a room and identify the room's theme (when there is one).

It would be hard to describe rustic lamp shades with just one description because of the wide variety of looks from several different types of materials. The extensive list of materials includes parchment, kraft paper, linen, faux leather, suede, birch bark, mica, and art glass.

Ceramic Moose LampHand-Painted Bear Lamp
Ceramic Moose Lamp with Synthetic Cotton Shade
Lamp with Bear on
Hand-Painted Glass Shade

Lamp shades of almost any style come in a variety of shapes, such as round, square, and rectangular. Often, the shade is tapered and the bottom of the shade is wider than the top. This can give the lamp an interesting look, but it also allows the light from the lamp to cover a broader area.

Moose Lamp with Pressed Foilage ShadeHickory Lamp with Birch Bark ShadeHand-Painted Metal Art Moose Lamp
Moose Lamp with Pressed Foilage Shade
Hickory Lamp with Birch Bark Shade
Hand-Painted Metal Art Moose Lamp with Parchment Shade

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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Some rustic lamp shades use a strip of rawhide to actually lace the shade material to the frame. Sometimes, a similar lacing effect is used only as a decorative trim because the shade is secured to the frame by more conventional means.

Wilderness Table Lamp with Faux Leather ShadeMoose on Lake with Gothic Base and Art Glass Shade
Wilderness Table Lamp with Faux Leather Shade
Moose on Lake with Gothic Base and Art Glass Shade

A room needs good sources of light anyway, so why not use lamps and shades that match or complement the other furnishings and accessories in your room? The rustic style of lamps and shades go well in a room decorated in a casual style, such as the western, lodge, or rustic decorating styles. Whether the lamp provides light to read by, or it has a low-wattage bulb for mood lighting, a lamp and shade that adds a decorative touch really lights up a room, in more ways than one.

Rustic Lamp with Mica PanelsPinecone Lamp with Suede ShadeRustic Canoe Table Lamp
Rustic Lamp with Mica Panels
Pinecone Lamp with Suede Shade
Rustic Canoe Lamp with Lacing Effect on Kraft Crinkle Shade

The pictures on this page provide good examples of the wide variety of looks that are available with rustic lamp shades. Many people are pleasantly surprised to realize that just because it fits the rustic category doesn't mean it lacks style or a refined look.

No matter where your home is located, rustic décor, including rustic lamp shades, can give your home a warm, comfortable ambiance that's loaded with down-home charm.

We invite you to look around... your leisure.

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