Rustic Table Lamp

The paint is dry. The sofa is in place. Adding accessories is next. A rustic table lamp is ideal for a room decorated in the western, lodge, or rustic style. We mention a lamp as the first item because the room is going to need a good light source sooner rather than later. So, why not use lamps or light fixtures that will match or complement the room's decorating style?

The western, lodge, and rustic styles of decorating are quickly growing in popularity. A rustic table lamp, whether it's for some mood lighting or a lamp to read by, makes a great addition to a room done in such a style.

Double Arm Pinecone Lamp with Suede Shade Wilderness Table Lamp with Faux Leather Shade
Double Arm Pinecone Lamp
with Suede Shade
Wilderness Table Lamp
with Faux Leather Shade

The main sources of light are natural light, coming through windows, and man-made lighting, such as ceiling fixtures and lamps. Natural light is great, but at night or on cloudy days, we need to rely on the next best thing. We certainly have nothing against ceiling fixtures, but table lamps can be so decorative, plus their placement is usually more flexible. And, you can probably guess that a rustic table lamp is one of our favorites.

Ceramic Moose Lamp Fishing Pole Table Lamp
Ceramic Moose Lamp
Fishing Pole Table Lamp

You might be as surprised as we were to realize just what a wide variety of shapes and designs are available for rustic lamps. Some of the materials used to fashion rustic table lamps include small logs, twigs, tree bark, antlers, and leather.

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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One of the reasons we like to include pictures on most of our pages is because we simply cannot adequately describe the items well enough to do them justice. As you can see for yourself, no single description could ever begin to cover all the different looks of these lamps.

Rustic Canoe Table Lamp Bear Creek Table Lamp
Rustic Canoe Table Lamp
Bear Creek Table Lamp

For many people, the soft glow of a low-wattage bulb in a rustic table lamp reminds them of that trusty old lantern they took on camping trips. One of the reasons this type of lamp is so appealing is that it is often reminiscent of the outdoors, whether it's the woods, the mountains, a stream or lake, or some combination of these settings.

Dancing Bears Lamp Antler Lamp
Dancing Bears Lamp
Antler Lamp

Moose, elk, bears, ducks, or fish are sometimes depicted on a rustic table lamp, either on the base or the shade. The animal(s) might be depicted in a scenic setting or in a more whimsical way, such as with the 'Dancing Bears Lamp' shown on this page. That particular lamp is a good example of how a lamp can really light up your home, cabin, or lodge in more ways than one! A rustic table lamp that depicts animals is a decorative way for someone to express their love of wildlife and/or the great outdoors.

We invite you to look around... your leisure.

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