Moose Lamp

Moose are sometimes depicted on items in certain styles of decorating. A moose lamp might be just the right thing to help enhance the western, lodge, or rustic style of décor. A room needs lighting anyway, so using a lamp or light fixture that fits in with the room's décor is a great touch.

There was a time when you might only see a moose lamp at a hunting lodge, a rustic guest lodge, or a western dude ranch. However, with the growing popularity of the casual styles of decorating, it's likely that you could see this type of lamp wherever people have décor items in the western. lodge, or rustic style.

Hand-painted Metal Art Moose LampMoose Lamp with Pressed Foilage Shade
Hand-Painted Metal Art
Moose Lamp
Moose on Lamp with
Pressed Foilage Shade

The base of a moose lamp might feature the head or the whole body of a moose in a small sculpture or statue. Or, it could be a moose depicted on metal art, either the animal by itself or included in a wilderness scene. Another type of lamp that fits this category is one made from an antler of a moose. We have included some pictures of the different types.

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Moose Bear Deer Metal Art Floor LampMoose Antler Lamp
Moose / Bear / Deer
Metal Art Floor Lamp
Moose Antler Lamp

In case you didn't already know, antlers are most often harvested off the ground after the animal has naturally shed them. This is a win-win situation since many people like to use antlers in some part of their western or rustic décor, but don't like the animals to be harmed in any way. Also, some antlers used for decorative items are faux (man-made), but they look real.

Moose on Lake with Gothic Base
Moose on Lake with Gothic Base

A moose lamp is the type of item that has a lot of visual appeal, so it is also something that can be overdone if there are too many similar items in a room. By choosing your accents and accessories carefully, you can help to enhance your decorating style, rather than detracting from it.

Ceramic Moose Lamp
Ceramic Lamp with Moose

A moose lamp is a wonderful accessory for any room decorated in the western or rustic style. It's a fun way to light up a room, in every sense, and also to express a love for wildlife and/or the great outdoors. This kind of lamp might be just the right thing for your home.

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