Outhouse Decor

Just so you won't think we're totally crazy, let's clarify that when we say outhouse decor, we're talking about whimsical items for the home. It's not at all about decorating an actual outhouse. Still, some people don't think such things belong among other home decor items. And, they're probably right, at least in their own home. You see, outhouse decor is certainly the type of thing that won't fit in just anywhere. It is usually best in a casually furnished room, such as one decorated in the western, rustic, lodge, cabin, or country style of decorating. It's your home, so it's your choice!

Outhouse Decor Metal Wall Art
Nature Calls Metal Wall Art
~ Horse and Dog Wait for Their Master ~

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Even in rooms where this type of decor might have a place, a little bit can go a long way. It is definitely the sort of thing that you don't want to overdo. The same can be said of plenty of different decor items, but it really holds true for items that depict an outhouse. We're not bashing or criticizing outhouse decor by any means, we're just telling it like it is. Lots of people grin or even giggle when they see something with an outhouse as part of the design, even though they might not want to have it in their own home.

Outhouse Style Nightlight Outhouse Style Picture Frame
Outhouse Style Nightlight
Outhouse Style Picture Frame

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Okay, for people that have no objection to a whimsical or light-hearted bit of decor, the wide variety of outhouse decor includes kitchen canisters, cookie jars, switch covers, tissue boxes, waste baskets, lotion dispensers, nightlights, hat racks, picture frames, shower curtains, key chain holders, a coin caddie (for loose change), and dozens of other items with that recognizable shape and usually a crescent moon cut-out on the door.

Outhouse Decor Lotion Pump Outhouse Decor Tissue Box
Outhouse Style Lotion Pump
Outhouse Design Tissue Box

When you get right down to it, the outhouse, and its various counterparts, has a long history of service. It is only the most recent span of decades (a century or so) in the history of human dwellings that the indoor toilet has been a standard feature, at least in the developing countries. We know of some old farmhouses that were built long before indoor plumbing became the norm. Most of these old houses eventually had indoor plumbing installed and were remodeled to include a bathroom. We know of a few old houses where this remolding and addition took place in the late 1950s or early 1960s, which wasn't really that long ago.

Outhouse Decor
Outhouse Birdhouse

We suppose that if we lived in an underdeveloped country where indoor plumbing was still a luxury for the wealthy, then outhouse decor might not be so whimsical. So, let's be thankful (for many reasons) that we can enjoy a variety of conveniences that we often take for granted.

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