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Let's start off by clarifying that when we say western mirrors, we're talking about wall mirrors that have a western design on the frame or etched into the mirror. Also, western mirrors are sometimes framed with naturally weathered wood from an old barn. As you're probably already aware, mirrors are not only decorative, but they also serve a practical purpose. Let's face it, it's hard to walk past a mirror and not take a quick look to check our make-up or hair. Personally, we like to make sure we don’t have part of our lunch on our chin. Surely, we're not the only ones who do that!

There are all sorts of decorative accessories and accents that help you set the mood or identify a theme for a room. These décor items include rugs, lamps, throw pillows, vases, wall art, and of course, mirrors. Quite often, the walls are painted a light or neutral color and the bigger pieces of furniture might be described as generic (they fit in with several décor styles), so it is usually the accessories and accents that really bring a room to life and give it flavor and ambiance.

Mustang Design Mirror Star Scroll Mirror
Mustang Design Mirror
Star Scroll Mirror

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Mirrors with a western flair usually go well in a room that's furnished in the western, rustic, lodge, or southwestern style of home decorating. The popularity of these decorating styles is growing quickly with much of the thanks going to the increased exposure of home decorating shows on television as well as the home and garden magazines.

There are plenty of different styles of western mirrors to choose from. You'll be able to find ones that depict cowboys/cowgirls, western scenes, Native American designs, horses, wildlife, and much more. Some designs or depictions are whimsical and light-hearted in nature, while others are a true representation of a particular subject.

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Metal Art Horse Mirror
Metal Art Horse Mirror

Western mirrors of a small to medium size are just right for a hallway or near the entryway of a home. Ones in a medium to large size look good behind a sofa or a conversation area. Many mirrors have a rectangular shape, and the ones placed in hallways, near entryways, and in bedrooms, often have the longest dimension running vertically, where mirrors placed behind sofas commonly have the longest side running horizontally. A great spot for a mirror is above the mantle on a fireplace.

Metal Art Elk Mirror Leather Frame Mirror
Metal Art Elk Mirror
Mirror with Leather Frame

Western mirrors are the type of décor that can help to make your home warm and welcoming. With the wide variety of styles and designs, you'll be able to find some that are just right for your home. Best of all, they're available in price ranges to fit almost any budget.

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