Mexican Pottery

Adding a piece or two of Mexican pottery is a great way to enhance your room. It can add warmth, a splash of color, as well as a touch of old world charm. Some people simply like it for the designs and colors, while other people appreciate the Spanish and Inca influences that are represented in many of the designs. This type of pottery is highly prized by art collectors, lovers of handcrafted treasures, as well as interior decorators.

There are several different types of Mexican pottery, and many of the pieces go very well in a room decorated in a western or southwestern style. However, as far as we're concerned, the only real guidelines for mixing and matching different pieces of décor as well as how you display them are determined by what fits your individual style and if the overall look and feel makes you happy!

Hand-Painted Golden Harvest Cookie JarTalavera Style Ceramic VaseHand-Crafted Ceramic Pitcher
Hand-Painted Golden Harvest Cookie Jar
Talavera Style Ceramic Vase
Hand-Crafted Ceramic Pitcher

Mexican potters have maintained centuries-old techniques that date back to pre-Columbian civilization. Contemporary Mexican artisans have added their own unique style to the old techniques. The following statement describes how many of the pieces are still made... Geometric motifs are hand-painted with naturally occurring pigments from the earth's mineral deposits and then pit-fired in the traditional way.

With designs inspired by the natural environment, such as birds and leaf patterns, Mexican pottery can make an ideal complement to many types of western or southwestern décor. This type of pottery is available in a wide range of pieces. Functional and practical cookware pieces may be found, along with attractive vases and urns. Many pieces are created simply for visual appeal.

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San Marcos pottery is amazing red earth pieces from a small Zapotec village in central Oaxaca. The process in creating these pieces is extremely labor-intensive and begins with the removal of the clay itself from the nearby hills. Each piece is very glossy and rich in color, giving one the impression that they may have been lacquered but the sheen in fact is the result of wiping a red-orange slip before firing and hand burnishing to achieve a smooth shiny finish.

Certainly Mexican pottery is not restricted to natural raw finishes. Many pieces are intricately designed and painted. Ceramics from Santa Rosa in Guanajuato for example is world famous for its hand painted decorative color work, often depicting designs of fruit and vines.

Talavera Style Sunflower FlowerpotHand-Crafted CandleholdersTalavera Style Ceramic Plate
Talavera Style Sunflower Flowerpot
Hand-Crafted Candleholders
Talavera Style Ceramic Plate

Talavera pottery originated in Spain and was introduced in Mexico in the 1500's. This resulted in a wonderful blend of culture and style for remarkable earthenware. Owning Talavera pottery was often an indication of wealth because the pigmentation mineral to produce the bright blues (and later on, the green color) was rare and expensive.

Mexican pottery makes an ideal room accessory or accent piece, whether you like it for the design, the rich colors, its historical significance, or just because.

We invite you to look around... your leisure.

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