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Western style decorating is made easy with a wide variety of wall décor and home accents for you to choose from. There's almost no limit to the items you can collect and display. Your rooms can all have a unique look and feel because of the sheer number of pieces that are available to enhance your western flavored décor. With wall décor and home accents, you have a wonderful opportunity to fully express your personality and/or your interests.

Whatever it is that attracts you to the western theme, there is sure to be something you'll love, whether it's cowboys, cowgirls, Native Americans, wildlife, or scenes of natural wonders. Also, many people like western wall décor and home accents because of the casual, down-home charm found in many of the items.

Handcrafted Fireplace Screen Cowboy Desk Lamp
Handcrafted Fireplace Screen
Cowboy Desk Lamp

A western or country kitchen can be decorated with wrought iron accessories and pot racks that fit the overall theme. Spruce up your kitchen counter with canisters that feature inspiring depictions of natural woodlands or artistic renditions of days gone by. Or, select some earthenware pieces handcrafted with the same techniques used by the artisan's native ancestors.

Western Horses Pot Rack
Western Horses Pot Rack

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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Decorative items for the dining table include hickory salt and pepper shakers, and matching toothpick holder. Complete the look with a set of steak knifes that have handles done in hickory or antler. And, if you're looking for something else, how about a pewter pitcher with a stag horn handle and matching mugs?

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Even bathrooms are not forgotten with the fantastic wall décor and home accents available in a western style. You can get a wooden toilet seat with a wildlife scene depicted on the lid or choose to hang a colorful wildlife shower curtain, complete with matching shower curtain rings. A western themed bathroom would look great with rustic bathroom lighting and/or some lodge bath towels bordered with wildlife designs.

Antler Style Lamp with Faux Leather Shade Rocky Mountain Run Metal Wall Art
Antler Style Lamp with
Faux Leather Shade
Rocky Mountain Run
Metal Wall Art

Living areas certainly offer some great spots to display western wall décor and home accents. Wall décor includes everything from rustic metal art to fine art prints. Choose from scenes of cowboys in the sunset, rustic log cabins, or dozens of other decorative subject matter.

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Rugs are available in almost every price range and the designs range from country braided rugs to rugs with depictions of wildlife and natural scenes to Native American designs. Or, for a real western look and feel, go with a natural cowhide to use as a floor rug, hang it on the wall, or even drape it over the back of the sofa.

Star Candle Holder
Star Candle Holder

Bedrooms are fun to decorate, but often get little or no decorating attention. That's a real shame because the bedroom is usually the last place we see at night and the first thing we see in the morning. So, we really should add a few decorative touches to that private retreat to brighten up each end of our day. With the wide variety of blankets and matching pillow covers that are available, the hardest part is choosing the one you like best.

There's no end to the variety and availability of western themed wall décor and home accents. Lamps and lighting, mirrors, picture frames, coat racks, rugs, dinnerware and tableware, serving pieces, and so much more.

3-D Horse Metal Wall Art Rope Design Coaster Set
3-D Horse Metal Wall Art
Rope Design Coaster Set

Some people are pleasantly surprised when they realize that just because something fits into the western style of décor, it need not look like it came out of a western movie, nor does it necessarily have to include a depiction of a cowboy/cowgirl on everything. In other words, we feel the western style of décor offers something that will appeal to almost everybody.

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