Wildlife Home Décor

Animal lovers will especially enjoy adding wildlife home décor to their homes. This style of decorating is a great way to add a touch of the outdoors or to complement other furnishings that are done in a rustic or western style. There are several ways to add wildlife to your home without actually having the stuffed or mounted remains of an animal in the room.
(We are not against that, but there are plenty of other options.) You’ll be able to find many different items of wildlife home décor from the small to the large to help show your love and appreciation for animals.

All kinds of critters can be found on furnishings and decorations, including, moose, elk, bears, wolves, buffalo, and fish, as well as ducks and geese. Some types of wildlife home décor will have just the animal depicted, while other items will show your favorite creature in a scenic setting with a forest or mountains in the background. Many different types of materials are used for wildlife home décor. All you do is pick the animal(s) and the type of material that sparks your interest. And, for most combinations, you’ll have plenty of items to choose from.

Bear Run Lodge Chair Bear and Moose Coffee Table
Bear Run Lodge Chair
Bear & Moose Coffee Table

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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Metal is a popular material that is used in both western and wildlife home décor. Whether it’s wrought iron or metal cutouts, metal can play a big part in the furnishings and decorations of your home décor. You might see wrought iron fashioned into coat racks, towel bars, shelves, table legs, stair railings, decorative trim on headboards, and numerous other items.

Metal cutouts depicting animals are used for lamps, chandeliers, wall art, frames, and other items of wildlife home décor. Many of these items are done by hand, which adds to their charm.

Elk Metal Art Mirror Hand-Painted Bear Lamp
Elk Metal Art Mirror
Hand Painted Bear Lamp

Antlers, real ones as well as faux antlers, are used on all sorts of items, including table legs, lamps, chandeliers, wine racks, hat racks, handles, napkin holders, drawer pulls, and so much more. Best of all, the deer, elk, or moose don’t mind, since the real antlers are usually harvested (found on the ground) after the animal has shed the antlers in a natural way.

Wood is another material often used in wildlife home décor. Tables, chairs, benches, headboards, and chests are just a few examples of items that might be made from wood with an animal carved or painted on it. Also, woodcarvings that portray animals are very popular accent pieces for this decorating style.

Speaking of headboards, we often get asked where to buy headboards hand made and modern, while some want a more rustic look.

Let’s not forget about rugs and glass. A rug with an animal picture or design is a great way to dress up your floor while adding another dimension to the overall look and feel of your wildlife home décor. Glass, whether it’s a drinking glass or a mirror, sometimes has an animal etched into it. Also, there are a variety of stained glass windows that depict one or more forms of wildlife. Wow, so many choices and not enough rooms. Honey, we need a bigger house!

Drapes - Elk Ridge Design Bear Sculpture End Table
Drapes - Elk Ridge Design
Bear Sculpture End Table

We should mention that the furnishings and decorations we’ve been talking about not only give your room a warm and comfortable ambiance, but they often serve as conversation starters. People love to talk about nature, their favorite animals, or their trip to a national park. After all, western, rustic, and/or wildlife décor is what you’ll see in the majestic lodges and visitor centers in many of the national parks of North America.

If you lean toward a casual, comfortable look and feel for your home, then wildlife home décor might just be the right choice for you. And, you’ll be glad to know that you can find wildlife décor no matter how tame your budget is, since there are items available in almost every price range.

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