Article - Western Home Furnishings are More Popular Than Ever

The popularity of western home furnishings has grown quickly in recent years. More and more people are noticing the down-home appeal of western home furnishings and accessories. Part of this surge in popularity is due to increased exposure on the home decorating and interior design shows on TV. Also, the number of home decorating magazines that feature stories and/or pictures about western decor has helped boost the overall awareness.

Contrary to what a few people might suggest, you do not need to live in the western part of North America to decorate your home with western home furnishings. Whether you have a few items here and there, or decorate the entire room in a western theme, you’ll be adding a feeling of warmth and casual charm to your home.

A common misconception about western home furnishings is that some people think it all has a rough, rugged look and feel, as if it were thrown together with old boards from a barn. Well, actually, there are a few pieces that are done like that on purpose. However, for the most part, western style furnishings are well made, stylish, with a casual elegance all their own.

The wide variety of western home furnishings includes sofas, chairs, all types of tables, lamps and lighting fixtures, rugs, beds and bedding, throw pillows, table decorations, wine racks, coat racks, wall art, and dozens of other items.

Western style items made of wood often have a natural look to enhance the warmth and beauty of the wood. On various furnishings, you’ll see many of the same colors that are found in nature. Such things as mountain vistas, desert landscapes, sunsets, pine trees, Native American arts and crafts, as well as cowboys and their ranching activities might influence the makers of western home furnishings.

Whether we realize it or not, the furnishings and accents we end up getting for our home are often a reflection of our interests and our personalities. After all, there is usually a reason why we are attracted to certain decorating styles more than others.

One reason people might like western home furnishings is that it reminds them of a favorite family trip to someplace like Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park. Let’s not forget the popularity of Roy Rogers and other singing cowboys, and so forth for those of us past the age of 50. Cowboys and cowgirls are still a popular theme for blankets and pajamas for children. So, maybe, just maybe, our fondness for western home furnishings comes from a deep-down desire to satisfy the inner cowboy or cowgirl still left in us.

A room with western home furnishings is warm, inviting, and loaded with down-home appeal. It makes for a great place in which to spend time with family and friends. And, when you want to have a little privacy, a bedroom with western furnishings can become a welcome retreat from the demands and distractions of a busy day.

No matter what your reason for liking western home furnishings, you can be assured that there are plenty of items to choose from at price levels for almost every budget. The main thing to keep in mind is that western style decor offers a great combination of warmth, comfort, and style, along with lots of visual interest.

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