Western Bathroom Accessories

When you pick a western theme for your bathroom, adding the western bathroom accessories is the really fun part! To accessorize means to add something that may or may not be essential, but it's desirable, and it contributes to an effect or result. Western bathroom accessories are fun, attractive, and functional all while adding some detail to your western bathroom motif.

Horse Theme Bathroom Accessories
Horse Theme Bathroom Accessories

The shower curtain can often be a focal point of a bathroom. For your western bathroom, these are available with designs such as horses, old west scenes, cowboys, wagon wheels, saddles, coyotes, bears, deer, elk, moose, and pine trees. Faux leather shower curtains and denim shower curtains add an unconventional touch. Shower curtain hooks come in many shapes so you can match or complement your shower curtain. You'll find hooks shaped like horses, bears, riders, five-point stars, pine trees, cactus, and many other designs.

Wild West Shower Curtain Western Shower Curtain Hooks
Wild West Shower Curtain
Western Shower Curtain Hooks

Phoenix Blinds

Insignia Steam Shower

Western bathroom accessories also include things like bathrobe hooks, towel hooks, knobs, and drawer pulls. These might be made from wrought iron, as well as a twig or even part of an antler.

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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Twig framed mirrors accented with dried flowers or a wall mirror in a barn-wood frame and perhaps accented with 5-pointed stars or pieces of leather bring a touch of the west to your bathroom while still being functional.

Carved Wood Moose Tissue Holder Bronc Robe Hook
Carved Wood Moose
Tissue Holder
Bronc Robe Hook

One of the more creative ideas for western bathroom accessories is using a western-themed wine rack as a towel caddy. Roll the towels up and place them in the spaces where the wine bottles usually go. A small wine rack can be freestanding or mounted on the wall. Antlers can be a fun way to incorporate the western theme into your bathroom. Real or faux antlers might be fashioned into toilet paper holders, bathrobe hooks, or magazine racks. Spurs have also been formed into toilet paper holders.

Outhouse-themed items are a fun way to decorate in a western theme. Toilet seat covers with faux rawhide or leather are especially attractive. Don't forget items like soap dishes, soap dispensers, tumblers and toothbrush holders can be the finishing touches for your western bathroom accessories.

Bear Country Shower Curtain
Bear Country Shower Curtain

Your vanity lighting can also fit right into the western theme. Light fixtures with metal art silhouettes of a moose in the pine trees or a rider on a horse with his lariat in the air catch the eye and are as fun as they are functional.

We hope you are getting the idea that when it comes to western bathroom accessories, there is almost no limit to the ways you can give your bathroom(s) a touch of western appeal.

We invite you to look around...
...at your leisure.

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