Rustic Furniture

Over the last several years, rustic furniture has seen quite an increase in popularity. One reason is due to the number of home improvement and decorating shows on TV. These shows have explored a variety of decorating styles, as well as the related furnishings and decorations.

Rustic furniture has always been a big part of a few natural-look decorating styles, such as rustic décor and lodge décor. Now, millions of people are exposed to a variety of styles and rustic décor is one that’s gaining lots of interest.

Rustic Iron Bed with Pine Posts Rustic Lodge Chest of Drawers
Rustic Iron Bed
with Pine Posts
Rustic Lodge
Chest of Drawers

Rustic furniture has a certain look and feel that is unlike other styles of furniture. So, what is the big draw with this type of furniture? It could be the down-home ambiance or the sense of getting back-to-nature and bringing items made from natural materials into your home.

In many cases, pieces are made from logs or tree limbs left in a natural state and sealed with a sealant to protect them. Furniture like that is not only functional, but it might also be considered a one-of-a-kind work of art. Wood (real wood, not much particle board) and leather are two of the most common materials used in the rustic style of decorating and in the furniture that expresses this style.

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Rustic Chair and Ottoman Rustic Twig Magazine Rack
Rustic Chair and Ottoman
Rustic Twig Magazine Rack

What can this type of furniture add to your home? The rustic style of decorating is just a casual, comfortable way to make a living, dining, or family room into a place where family and friends enjoy gathering. In addition to providing a cozy, comfy setting, this style of furniture makes a statement not easily matched by other styles of furniture. Bedrooms, and other more private areas, can also be decorated in the rustic style, with log beds, log chests and dressers, and so forth.

Log Frame Occasional Table Dresser with Rustic Iron Accents
Log Frame
Occasional Table
Dresser with
Rustic Iron Accents

Rustic and western go hand in hand. Many people love the southwestern or western styles of decorating and rustic furniture fits right in with those and other styles, including country primitive home décor, equestrian home décor, or lodge home décor.

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Often made by hand, rustic furniture might be just what you’re looking for when you want to add some furniture that has a warm, inviting look and feel, as well as natural charm.

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