Rustic Bathrooms

If you love the outdoors as much as we do, you might also like rustic bathrooms. When we say rustic and bathroom together, we're not talking about an outhouse or the toilet pit that people use on a camping trip. The rustic bathrooms we're talking about are fully functional, fully furnished areas decorated in a style of home decorating that is more popular than ever. It's a great way to add a touch of the outdoors into your home décor.

The rustic décor style is closely related to other casual, informal styles of decorating such as western, southwestern, lodge, and country, all of which have down-home appeal. Any of these styles can add warmth and character to a room.

Birch and Pinecone Bath Accessories Moose and Mountain Vanity Light
Birch and Pinecone
Bath Accessories
Moose and Mountain
Vanity Light

What are items in rustic style bathrooms made from? You can expect to find a wide variety of items made from wood, logs, wrought iron, metal, and antlers (real or faux). Wildlife is a common element of rustic décor because wildlife is one of the most interesting (and fun) themes for rustic bathrooms. This wildlife could be the outline or depiction of a moose, bear, deer, or perhaps fish, ducks, or geese.

Wilderness Bath Accessories Pine Tree Cabinet Knob
Wilderness Bath Accessories
Pine Tree Cabinet Knob

Finding YOUR favorite items is fun and easy!

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Shower hooks in the shape of a moose, bear, or deer, a shower curtain with a wildlife scene, and towels with the same look let you enjoy the wildlife without the risk of harm to you or the animals. Antlers (real or faux) can be made into hooks for your bathrobe or towels. By the way, real antlers are harvested (collected from the ground) after being shed by the animal. So, the animal doesn't suffer in any way from the antlers being used for our benefit in our rustic bathrooms.

Antler Toothbrush and Cup Holder Standing Log Tissue Holder
Antler Toothbrush
and Cup Holder
Standing Log
Tissue Holder

Fish aren't just for eating anymore! Great rustic bathrooms can be created for the fishing enthusiasts by using fish-themed items. A boat-shaped soap dish, a wastebasket that looks like a bait bucket, and a sign that says "I'd rather be fishing" makes the fishing enthusiast feel like loading up the tackle box and heading to the lake. Try to find (or make yourself) hooks that resemble fishhooks and use them for towel hooks or for holding your favorite flannel shirt.

Fishing Theme Bath Accessories Black Bear Drawer Pull
Fishing Theme
Bath Accessories
Black Bear Drawer Pull

In addition to rustic décor items for the walls and countertops, there are plenty of light fixtures that fit right in with the look and feel of rustic bathrooms. Metal art with the silhouette of pine trees and/or wildlife is often used on rustic light fixtures.

There's almost no limit to the variety and availability or rustic items for your bathroom. No matter whether you want to add just a few items or decorate your entire bathroom with rustic décor, you'll have plenty to choose from at prices to fit just about any budget.

Last, but certainly not least - You can often combine some rustic décor items with items from other casual styles of home decorating (such as western, southwestern, or lodge) to create your own eclectic style.

We invite you to look around... your leisure.

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