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There are many different items that fit the category of patriotic home décor, and we would like to explore a few of them. However, before we continue, we should clarify that we will be focusing on the U.S.A. national colors of red, white, and blue and other national symbols of the United States. While citizens of any country can express their pride, loyalty, and devotion by displaying items of patriotic home décor that are relevant to that country, we will concentrate on the United States. No, it's not about politics, or anything else - It's just that we would like to focus on the country we know best.

Liberty Heart
Liberty Heart

The various types of home décor with a patriotic theme include images or depictions of the flag of the United States, the eagle, the Statue of Liberty and other well-known national landmarks. Some of the décor items that fit this category can also be called Americana, which refers to things that represent the culture, artifacts, and folklore of the United States.

Statue, Eagle, and Flag PosterProud Gate
Statue, Eagle, and Flag Poster
Proud Gate

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Different types of patriotic home décor include an accent rug with a red, white, and blue design, or a table decoration that features one of our national symbols, but many of the items that fit this category are wall art, such as photographs, paintings, drawings, or posters. One of our favorite pieces is an old photograph of a young boy, probably around 6 or 7, holding a small flag and offering a proud salute while a parade passes by.

God Bless America
God Bless America

There are lots of reasons people would want to display some type of patriotic home décor. It might be because of family tradition, a fondness for one or more of the national symbols, or as a way to honor those who have served (or presently serving) in the military.

Patriotic RoosterStatue of Liberty
Patriotic Rooster
Statue of Liberty

While there are plenty of serious patriotic designs available, there are also some that are a bit whimsical, such as a couple of playful bears holding a flag, or a red, white, and blue rooster. We have included some pictures as examples of the different types of patriotic home décor that are available.

Bears and Flag
Bears and Flag

In our humble opinion, displaying patriotic home décor does not necessarily indicate that you agree with all of the policies or actions of the government, but merely that you want to express your love for your country, or show respect for someone in the military. No matter what your reason for adding this type of décor to your home, you can be assured that you will have plenty of items to choose from.

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