Designing the Home Theater You've Always Wanted

You can recreate the theater experience at home without the annoyances of going to a public theater. While creating your dream theater can seem like a daunting task, there are ways of ensuring that your theater rivals the local movie theater. By following these six steps, you will be able to create a home theater that constantly impresses you and your guests.

1. A wide viewing selection
The most important part of your home theater is the entertainment selection. No amount of couches and decor can cover up a lack of channels or options. In order to have the most options, choose a DVR or other device that allows for streaming video. While traditional cable and pay-per-view options are still available, a quality streaming device gives you more options while also saving you cash.

Some of the most popular streaming sites are Netflix and Amazon. Both allow you to instantly watch the movies and shows of your choice. DirecTV is another option for getting a wide range of viewing options. While cable can offer numerous channels, you may end up paying for more than you care to watch. By choosing a streaming channel or a premium channel like HBO, you will always have the best entertainment options at your fingertips. Right now if you sign up for DirecTV using you can pick up HBO for three months for free.

2. Your room selection
For the best sound and visuals, choose a room that is square and without numerous windows. You want to replicate a theater, and this can only be done if your room is away from excessive light and sounds. To preserve your acoustics, choose a room that is square to help your surround sound shine.

3. Seating arrangements
Chooses couches or chairs that are comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. Leather is a nice choice to help add elegance and a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you choose individual chairs or long couches, you want to place your seats at a fair distance from the screen. In order to retain visual clarity, place the first row of seats in the middle of your room. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy your theater for hours without eyesore.

4. Lighting
While you want your theater to remain dark, you should add some small lights around the exits to help people see where they’re going. You want your guests to feel comfortable and safe while leaving the room, and dim lights can help without causing glare on the screen. If you put your seats in an aisle format, you can also place lights on the floor of each end to help people watch their step.

5. Video projection
A video projector provides the best at-home theater experience possible. Give yourself the best with a 1080p projector for an immersive high-definition experience. However, you should make sure that your screen is no less than 60 inches diagonally in order to preserve image quality.

6. Surround sound
For the final touch, get yourself some nice surround speakers to create a truly immersive experience. Avoid getting speakers that are installed into the walls. While these speakers may seem more aesthetically pleasing, the most important thing is the sound once the picture begins. Freestanding speakers will provide you with a more dynamic and rich sound to help recreate your favorite theater experience.