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Bedroom décor ideas can come from a variety of sources and might include elements from several different styles of decorating. The casual, informal decorating styles, such as the western, southwestern, and rustic styles have greatly increased in popularity during recent years. Those casual, down-home styles of décor are the ones this website is all about.

Great sources for bedroom décor ideas are decorating magazines, home décor websites, model homes in residential developments, and let’s not forget about the abundance of home decorating shows on TV these days. Many of the decorating shows on TV specialize in décor ideas that don’t require a lot of time nor a big budget. A little creativity, a coat of paint, and a few furnishings and accessories that match or complement each other, and you’ve got a whole new room!

Bentwood Style Wrought Iron BedPine Cone Iron Bed Frame
Bentwood Style
Wrought Iron Bed
Pine Cone
Iron Bed Frame

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The bedroom décor ideas you come up with might be in the same decorating style as other parts of your home, or they might be unique to the bedroom. A casual, informal look is just right for the bedroom – the place you go to relax at the end of a long day.

Hand-Painted Southwest LampOne Drawer Log Nightstand
Hand-Painted Southwest Lamp
One Drawer Log Nightstand

Something else to keep in mind is that the type of décor we pick is often a reflection of our personality and a way to express our interests. How many times have you been drawn to a certain type of décor because it had special meaning to you or reminded you of a memorable event? Sometimes, whether or not we realize it, there’s a reason why we’re attracted to certain designs and/or colors.

Dresser with Rustic Iron AccentsAbilene Style Bedding
Dresser with
Rustic Iron Accents
Abilene Style Bedding

If your decorating tastes lean toward the western, southwestern, or rustic styles, then you’re in luck. The variety and availability of items in these styles should give you plenty of bedroom décor ideas to think about.

As with most styles of decorating, there is a lot of latitude about mixing and matching different items from similar styles. As mentioned near the top of this page, you can get some great bedroom décor ideas from magazines, websites, and TV shows. Start with a few basic ideas and then add some of your favorite décor items for a finished look you can call your own!

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